The Resilient and Sustainable Livelihoods Transformation (RESULT) Project

CHF and ACDEP are strengthening poor rural communities in northern Ghana by increasing and diversifying what is produced on farms, by building on existing sources of income, and by establishing new income opportunities. Families are becoming more resilient to climate change, accessing better prices for their crops, and women are empowering themselves. In total, 120,000 people will benefit from the project.

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Expanding Climate Change Resilience in Northern Ghana (ECCRING)

A total of 10,000 vulnerable women, men and families in Northern Ghana will benefit from CHF’s expertise in helping farmers adapt to climate change and in building community resiliency. Promoting food security and increasing incomes gives families a buffer when they are faced with disasters like droughts and floods.

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The Farmer-Responsive Mechanism for Extension and Research (FARMER) Project

The Farmer-Responsive Mechanism for Extension and Research (FARMER) Project helped to boost food security for vulnerable families in rural areas of northern Ghana.

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Sustainable Poverty Reduction in Northern Ghana

This project is designed to encourage sustainable poverty reduction by building the capacity of a wide network of community-based organizations to help their constituents develop economically, socially and environmentally sustainable livelihoods. CHF will work with local partners to improve agricultural productivity through crop diversification, and to improve livestock production by keeping animals healthier. The project also supports natural resources and land management, and will help to reduce vulnerabilities to natural disasters through early warning and disaster mitigation resources.

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Building Resilience in Northern Ghana

The Building Resilience in Northern Ghana (BRING)’s main objective is to enhance ACDEP’s capacity to support sustainable livelihoods for vulnerable men and women.

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Building a brighter future in Ghana

Ibrahim Tahiru is a farmer in rural Ghana. His days are long and demanding, but providing financial and food security for his family is gratifying.

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CHF has been working in northern Ghana since 2000. Our projects are focused on increasing the food security of the poorest rural households through improved and sustainable agricultural and livestock production and by finding new alternative sources of income. We work closely with local organizations and agencies to help farmers get access to techniques that are research driven, environmentally sustainable and profitable, and to ensure we have a lasting impact.