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Saying Thank You and Goodbye

First, let us say THANK YOU for your support. We’ve helped a lot of people together. But after more than 50 years as a conduit for Canadian generosity to families living in poverty in developing countries, the Canadian Hunger Foundation (CHF) will close its doors.

Despite being one of Canada’s longest-standing non-governmental organizations, CHF will stop taking donations on July 31 before passing its projects on to other organizations and ceasing active operations.

 With help from donors like you, we’ve expanded our reach over the last few years, so that we could support the 420,000 people we now serve. But ambitious fundraising targets coupled with the loss of a major donor have meant that we aren’t currently able to keep pace with our financial obligations.  

It’s disappointing that it’s come to this, but it’s also short-sighted to think that this is just a sad story. Together we’ve made lasting positive change in the lives of so many people. We’ve increased families’ harvests and helped them to keep their livestock healthy. We’ve increased gender equality and built up communities’ resilience. We’ve shown what the power of Canadian generosity and compassion can really do.

But most of all, we’ve helped people to achieve these things for themselves. That’s how we know the impact we’ve had will endure over time. The legacy we’ve built together will last long after we turn out the lights here in Ottawa.

We’ve produced results in some of the world’s toughest environments because our organization and our donors have always been driven by dreams. We listen and talk with people at a household level and use our resources to help them build on their aspirations. Our work on the ground will prove lasting and irrevocable because the spark of hope we’ve shared will continue to create positive change in these communities for years to come.

Our successes together won’t end here. We’re passing our projects on to other like-minded non-profits who will continue this important work. These organizations are World University Service of Canada (WUSC) and Canadian Feed the Children (CFTC).

WUSC is a Canadian non-profit committed to creating a more equitable and sustainable world. With a particular focus on youth and women, WUSC provides education, employment and empowerment opportunities to lift individuals and communities out of poverty. With over 55 years of experience, WUSC is a trusted partner in improving the lives of millions in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Learn more about WUSC’s work at or by calling 1-800-267-8699 x3714.

CFTC is also proudly Canadian, and focused on supporting community-led, sustainable food security programs around the world including in Ghana and Ethiopia, where they have worked for more than 25 years. CFTC will take responsibility for CHF’s Resilient and Sustainable Livelihoods Transformation (RESULT) project in northern Ghana; and Market-Led Improved Livelihoods in Eastern Amhara Region (MILEAR) in Ethiopia. With its similar vision and values, strong governance, and experience, CFTC is well-positioned to continue the impact you’ve helped make for the women, children and men in these projects’ communities. We encourage you to find out more about CFTC by visiting or calling 1-800-387-1221.

It’s deeply moving that for over five decades Canadians have selflessly supported families they will never meet, that live very different lives, and believe in very different things—without asking for anything in return. So many people came together to support us: high school classes running fundraisers; pensioners giving what they can; kids giving their allowance; people from all walks of life who wanted to make a difference. To us, that’s beautiful, and it’s a big part of what being Canadian is.

The families we’ve supported have been diverse, and yet they have always shared something in common: they have always been profoundly grateful. We can never fully convey that gratitude. Some walked two hours in the sun to meet us, and two hours home, just so they could say ‘thank you.’

We’d see your generosity reflected back in the smiles of moms who survived childbirth to raise healthy, happy babies. Or in the handshakes of proud fathers who were able to send their kids to university for the first time in family history. Your generosity literally made people dance and sing with joy.

Our biggest challenge has always been conveying that gratitude to you, who made it all possible, but we couldn’t end this note without trying one last time.

So thank you, Canada. You truly are the most special of countries and we’re so glad you’re our home.

Yours in changing the world,



P.S. Please reach out to WUSC and CFTC today! It’s so important to so many that we continue this work!